What to expect on your first visit


Every appointment at MPTI is one-on-one and lasts a full hour. Your first evaluation covers your medical history and any concerns about your current condition. Patients are encouraged to bring a detailed list of all supplements and medications taken daily and tests ordered by your doctor such as MRI, CT scan, x-rays, etc. A copy of these test results are welcomed but not required.

One of the best things you can do to improve your first visit is to be comfortably dressed. Wear sweatpants, leggings or other clothing that gives you room to move. Comfortable shoes such as sneakers are recommended.


MPTI bills Medicare and Worker’s Compensation insurance only. All other patients are expected to bill their own insurance through their out-of-network provisions. We are an out-of-network provider for all other insurance. Assistance with paperwork and other authorizations is offered to expedite your refund.

Originally, I came to see MPTI for my back pain that I have had for 6-7 yrs because Dr. wanted to put spinal cord stimulator but my internist referred me to MPTI. I was very hesitant to go to a PT. I had been to a PT before with poor results. My back pain resolved within 2 visits and it has remained gone to this day. I came to see Sue again after I had toe surgery. My toe surgeon referred me to another PT but I had no results. I came to see Sue and now 3 wks later my toe is down plus the size of my toe that was enlarged for 40 yrs shrank to a smaller size. Those are two miracles!
– HeideMarie, C.