Welcome to Manual Physical
Therapy Institute

Manual Physical Therapy Institute (MPTI) is a healing center dedicated to individual patient care. As an alternative to traditional medical practices to relieve pain (i.e. doctors, chiropractors, prescription medication), MPTI uses Integrated Manual Therapy (IMT) and Self Regulated Therapy (SRT) as the main therapies for pain relief. MPTI has a proven track record of identifying the source of pain and working within the body’s own framework to alleviate it. Learn more about IMT and SRT therapy.

home-imt_1BIntegrative Manual Therapy

home-srt_2BSelf Regulation Therapy

The most gratifying thing for me as a patient is to feel that I can completely relax and put my trust in MPTI’s expert hands. I am always amazed at their ability to affect the underlying causes by such a gentle touch. By the end of the session I know that healing is taking place and I feel so much relief of my symptoms!
– Terry R.